That Darn Gator

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That Darn Gator
Animated series episode
Epi DarnGator.JPG
Episode # 10
Original airdate November 8, 1997
The Adventures of Sam & Max: Freelance Police
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"A Glitch in Time" "We Drop at Dawn"

That Darn Gator is the 10th episode in the series The Adventures of Sam & Max: Freelance Police.

[edit] Synopsis

Sam and Max raise a baby alligator.

[edit] In-Depth Synopsis

While cleaning up the Sub-Basement of Solitude, Max accidentally sucks a baby alligator out of the toilet. Sam & Max decide to take him home and raise him as their own, naming him John.

They initially have trouble getting him to eat, but eventually find that he'll eat almost anything if served off of Max's finger. A few months later, John is grown to full size and gets wistful. At the advice of The Geek and a doctor they decide to get rid of him. The initially try to flush him back into the sewers, then take him to Florida instead. After that The Commissioner calls with a new case and they're off.

[edit] Characters

"John" the alligator
The Geek
The Commissioner
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