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The artwork for the Season Two soundtrack
Season 2 Soundtrack.jpg

The Sam & Max Season Two Soundtrack is a collection of the tracks from Sam & Max Season Two, also known as Sam & Max Beyond Time and Space. It was, like its predecessor, created by Jared Emerson-Johnson, with cover artwork designed by Steve Purcell.

[edit] Track Listing

In addition to the tracks listed below, the soundtrack also contains digital-only versions of the music used in the trailers and cutscenes and the background music tracks The Office, Sybil's and City Streets.

Disc One Disc Two
General and Ice Station Santa Moai Better Blues Night of the Raving Dead Chariots of the Dogs What's new, Beelzebub?
  • Easter Island (Easter Island, home of Moai Heads)
  • Woo! (Tiny Tiki)
  • Hangin' 8 (Playing Wipeout!)
  • Rapa Nui Choo Choo (Baby Glenn Miller's song)
  • Beneath the Island of the Chimps (Ocean Chimp's lair)
  • Sturm und Drang (Stuttgart, Germany)
  • New Location Unlocked (Midtown Remix) (Default Jurgen's nightclub song)
  • Jürgen's Lair Suite (Jurgen's inner sanctum)
  • Silent Shootout (Battle with Jesse James' hand)
  • Twilight Eternal (River Styx below Hell)
  • Please Hold (Hell)
  • 4:59 (Hell alt.)
  • Fugue and Dies Irae (Sam & Max's Hell archive)
  • Grotesque Burlesque (N.A.)
  • Absorptio Bullenscens Fatiscores Dæmona (Soda Poppers final battle)
  • Season Two End Credits

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