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This policy-related page is still in proposal status. Suggestions and discussion are very welcome. Be sure to visit the talk page.

This template should be removed only after a consensus has been reached.

The first image should be a clear shot of the character and go on the right. If you use more (be modest with this, quality is more important) arrange the rest in whatever way feels best.

Start with a one or two-sentence description of the character. Try to make the character's name the very first word. If you don't, at least put it in the first sentence. Bold the first time you use the name.


[edit] Character Detail

This is the main place to put relevant and interesting things about the character. What they look like (if worth commenting on), their personality, habits, stories they've appeared in and what they've been through, etcetera, etcetera. You can use ad-hoc subsections if there's enough ground to cover to make it worthwhile.

[edit] Likes

Optional section.
Use an indented list (that is, one like this) for this.

[edit] Dislikes


[edit] Voiced by

If only one voice actor voiced this character, just put the name here directly.
If there are multiple, use an indented list and use parentheses to indicate who provided the voice where.

[edit] Remarks

Optional section. Interesting trivia too short and otherwise tricky to easily put in the Character Detail section.

[edit] See Also

Optional section. You may put links to (strongly) related pages here.

[edit] External Links

Optional section. Mostly for links to interesting source material (other than Sam & Max stories) and further reading.

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