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This policy-related page is still in proposal status. Suggestions and discussion are very welcome. Be sure to visit the talk page.

This template should be removed only after a consensus has been reached.


[edit] Basic structure

See the following subpages for basic page structure: which headers to use, what info goes where, etc.

Sam & Max Wiki:Manual of Style/generic
Sam & Max Wiki:Manual of Style/characters
Sam & Max Wiki:Manual of Style/people
Sam & Max Wiki:Manual of Style/stories

[edit] The title

[edit] When to put "Sam & Max" in the title

Since everything here is about Sam & Max somehow, leave "Sam & Max" out of page titles as much as possible. There are two broad cases of exceptions to this:

  • Titles of the form "Sam & Max do something".
  • Cases where "Sam & Max" or "Sam & Max: Freelance Police" is all or almost all of the title, or where leaving them out would be silly or potentially confusing.

[edit] When to put "The" in the title

We're not particularly systematic or even consistent about this. Go with your gut. Some rules of thumb:

For characters and character groups, if you put "The" in the title, use {{DEFAULTSORT}} to keep them from getting sorted under T. (For "The X", add {{DEFAULTSORT:X}} or {{DEFAULTSORT:X, The}} near the end of the page.) Don't do this for story titles and the like.

[edit] General writing style

[edit] Correctness

Strive for correctness in spelling and grammar. Where anyone cares, American English is preferred over British English.

[edit] Factualness

Don't throw in too much personal opinion, especially for opinions people are likely to disagree with. Also, any speculation should be clearly indicated as such. People should be able to get unbiased and reliable information here.

[edit] Humor

We're encyclopedic, but don't make things too dry and dull. If you're not sure how, try one of the following tricks to keep things light, readable and Sam & Max-y:

  • Add funny captions to pictures, preferably using relevant quotes.
  • Use unusual words (but make sure you use them correctly!). ("Afterwards Sam manages to hypnotize Ted E. Bear and use his considerable girth to clog and eventually blow up the toy factory.")
  • Use an occasional aside to poke fun at an otherwise serious text (or just to not take things too seriously). ("[Sam's gun is] never mentioned in the animated series (being replaced by such child-friendly weapons as bazookas and flamethrowers)") Don't overdo this though, lest people lose track of the main story.

[edit] In- and out-of-universe

Avoid either extreme here: tell the in-universe stuff in in-universe style (don't throw in a reminder that it's fiction every other sentence; people know that), but break the fourth wall whenever convenient (especially to say in which story something happens). Don't be afraid to switch perspectives casually, even in mid-sentence.

[edit] Spoilers

This place has spoilers. Don't use hacks to hide them or go out of your way to avoid them, especially if they're important to plot or character development. That said, uninteresting spoilers (like the exact steps you have to take to get past a puzzle in one of the games) are usually better left rewritten away.

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