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In the early comics, it was customary to mention the stories were based on something, where this something is in fact made up and often doesn't even sound related. This tradition has been restarted with the Telltale episodes starting from Sam & Max Season Two.

[edit] Appearances

Story Based on...
Monkeys Violating the Heavenly Temple the novella: Sam & Max meet some bad guys
Night of the Gilded Heron-Shark the short story: Sam & Max meet some more bad guys
Night of the Cringing Wildebeest the Broadway musical: Sam & Max go to the carnival
Fair Wind to Java the ancient hieratic manuscript: "Sam & Max kick some alien butt"
On the Road the famed beat generation novel, "Sam and Max drive around in a car," by Bucky Kerouac
The Damned Don't Dance a beloved holiday cookie recipe
Bad Day on the Moon the completely obscure French farce, "Garçon, une omelette et deux bifteks"
Beast from the Cereal Aisle McLwraith's guide to silly ass paranormal phenomena (volume II)
Sam & Max meet some frightening pirates the novelette: "Sam & Max meet some frightening pirates"
Action Figure Surgery a shocking repressed memory from Scott Russell!
Belly of the Beast anxious cluckings of jittery moms
Ice Station Santa the obscure holiday penny dreadful: "Sam & Max and the case of the frostbitten protuberance"
Moai Better Blues the unfinished teleplay, "Sam & Max jump in a triangle"
Night of the Raving Dead the heretical apocrypha, "Sam & Max meet a guy who sucks"
Chariots of the Dogs the best selling addle-brained musing of noted aliens-made-all-our-stuff theorist Erich von Dannyohday
What's new, Beelzebub? the heartwarming holiday sestina, "Sam & Max meet the father of lies"
The Penal Zone the classic instructional video "how to use your new SM-301 industrial-strength dehumidifier"
The Tomb of Sammun-Mak the scandalous 19th century zoetrope: "The lady visits her chiropractor"
They Stole Max's Brain! the similarly-titled novel by Jane Austen.
Beyond the Alley of the Dolls [loosely based on] the forbidden scrimshaw carvings of Bob Keeshan
The City That Dares Not Sleep the cherished 80s adult film, "Totally Into Max"
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