Sam & Max Remastered!
Sam & Max Season One is back from the archives! The Telltale point-and-click has returned, remastered with new art, music, and more. Play it now on Steam, GOG, and Nintendo Switch.
Funhouse Blog!
Plug yourself straight into the mind of Steve Purcell! Art, news, curiosities and other refuse, bottled at the source.
Hit the Road
The Freelance Police's original road trip point-and-click adaventure is waiting for you on Steam, GOG, and Amazon!
Action Figures!
Sam & Max have turned into highly posable toys! Relive their most famous cases from home, like the time they beat up your Aquaman Funko, or got chewed on by Mr. Tibbles.
Animated Series
Back in the '90s Sam & Max hit the airwaves as a Saturday morning cartoon on Fox Kids, terrifying and confusing kids of all ages! Watch it today on Tubi or Amazon.
Max Plush!
Finally a soft, marketable version of Max for your own home, to hug or throw around the room as you please.